Fashion Focus

Fashion Focus is a program that is dedicated to the growth and promotion of creatives in the fashion industry. In partnership with the British Council, Fashion Focus presents unique opportunities for emerging talents to harness their skills through business development workshops, creative workshops and a mentorship/internship. This year- long opportunity affords young designers with the tools they need to facilitate innovation, growth and commercial success.

Fashion Focus Alumni Include: Orange Culture, Meena, Kenneth Ize, Sisiano, Gozel Green, Ejiro Amos Tafiri and many more.

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Fashion Business Series

Fashion Business Series is a platform created by Style House Files to facilitate conversations with key players from the Nigerian and international fashion industry as a useful tool for exchanging ideas, networking and developing the fashion industry.

The Nigerian fashion and retail industry is still in infancy and lacking in proper structure. At Style House Files, we believe that by creating an agenda of the most pressing issues faced by the fashion industry, and then inviting thought leaders to share their perspectives, we can gradually begin to develop a semblance of structure for creating sustainable change in the industry.

Our goal is to effectively capture, engage and connect with a diverse demographic of industry players, contributors, stake holders, fashion cognoscenti, policy makers and potential investors; using Fashion Business Series as a useful tool of engagement.

Lagos Fashion & Design Week

Lagos Fashion & Design Week is Style House Files’ leading initiative. Founded in 2011, the multiday fashion event platform aims to drive the Nigerian and ultimately, the African fashion industry; by bringing together buyers, consumers and the media to view the current collections of African designers in the fashion capital of Lagos, Nigeria. As a leading fashion event on the African Fashion Calendar, LFDW leads the way with initiatives that support, strengthen and develop the fashion industry.