Vane Style Showroom Launch

Posted: December 10th, 2012

Synergy sweeps through the room color wise and structure that is, garments lay intimately on its hanger as though each has found its place to stay. Accessories reside in matte white shelving units as they lay below in an accessible manner.  Theres an intial burst of effervescence as the champagne hits the dry glass on pouring while guests stylishly pop in and out as others mingled with delectable cupcakes.

Vane Style swung its newly open doors to the Nigerian Fashion Industry showcasing a burst of talented designers in its ever growing industry.

“Vane Style Showroom is the one-stop destination for stylists, editors and fashion production teams looking to shoot editorials of designer pieces, report on the latest trends, or feature articles on designers. We provide showroom services for professional stylists, editorial stylists and fashion editors to select apparels for their editorials, advertising and events. This partnership gives designers additional opportunities to have their collections appear in fashion editorials, advertising campaigns, and red carpet events. We are committed to highlighting the designers brand and working to give designers the maximum exposure in the fashion industry”.- Vane Style


“Our vision has been clear from inception to create a lifestyle showroom which would be the first of its kind embodying contemporary and luxury clothing brands, while our aim is to keep selected pieces in front of the press eye alongside working with fashion industry organizations and events to give designers a wide variety of opportunities within the industry and consumer markets”.- Vane Style

Veronica Ebie of Vane Style

“Every Major Fashion city has several housed showrooms where pieces are pulled to ensure that designers are consistently visible to the masses and with Africa visibly on the rise in Fashion, we felt it was time to establish a much needed style showroom of sorts with the same potential outcome. More foreign entities are visiting Africa for Fashion inspiration and cultural content; this is creating countless opportunities within Africa to showcase a designer’s product here and even on an international platform”.- Vane Style

“Designers in the showroom include Iconic invanity, Alter Ego, Beatrice Black, Sunny Rose, House of Makeda, Orange Culture, Republic of Foreigner, Alali Boutique, Mi-le, Josh Samwels. Vintage Collette, Jess Stephanie, Akpos Okudu, 83’s & 80’s, Wana Sambo, James Brendan, Ms Makor, Weizdhum Franklyn, Andrea Iyamah and Isi Atagamen”.- Vane Style


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  1. Abbey says:

    Wish I was in Nigeria, sad how the time I lived in Nigeria fashion hadn’t yet popped off like it has now.

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